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Today’s freebie is an 8-bit style play sword/knife (think, Minecraft). The file is composed of three layers, a rastered layer for engraving (for depth and “color”), a score layer, and a cut layer. Re-size as you wish. Unless you want it one-sided, you’ll want to flip it after the first side is completed. If you do this and choose to score—regardless of material—be sure your score is light enough on each side so as not to meet each other and effectively become a cut.

If you choose to make a foam sword, consider using ½” foam, ignoring/disabling the engrave, and lasering only one side (in the Glowforge, I used a speed of 200 and power of 85 with good results) . Make a second version. You now have two pieces with the image scored one side of each piece. Cut a shallow vertical groove going up the middle of the sword on the non-scored/plain side of each piece, wide and deep enough to encapsulate a ¼” wooden dowel when both pieces are glued together. Using contact cement, glue the dowel and two pieces together. This will give your sword the thickness (two pieces of foam) and rigidity (the dowel) it needs to be used in combat.

The file can be downloaded here:


Have fun!

Suggested materials (Amazon affiliate links):

1/2″ Foam


Barge Cement


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