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All right, welcome guys and gals to “From the Cutting Room Floor.” I make a lot of mistakes and those mistakes often turn into incomplete tutorials. “From the Cutting Room Floor” is a place for me to share those tutorials. These videos are incomplete and—for the most part—unedited. Descriptions of the issues faced and appropriate links and projects files are discussed below.

First things first. Here is the updated project file for the tutorial:


The project uses 1/8″ acrylic. I had various issues when making this birdhouse:

First, I put a removable back door on the back to help with cleaning old nests out each year. Originally I was going to use nuts and knurled bolts/screws to keep the door in place. Last minute I decided I would use strong neodymium magnets. I failed to think about the door not sitting flush. Also, when videoing, the glue had not set. The magnets got too close to other magnets and pulled out of the glue. I had a hard time separating the glue-covered magnets. It was a mess.

Second, I made the roof curved because of thought it looked cooler. It was a pain. First, I had to now cut slits into the roof panels (e.g., living hinge) for it to curve. I did not mask it because it would be a pain to weed. The result was smoke residue on the white acrylic. Second, I glued the roof on with epoxy. I did not let it cure enough before gluing on the sheet aluminum. Even though I curved the aluminum, it pulled the plastic roof off the birdhouse. It would have been better to put the aluminum on while the roof panels were straight and then, after cured, bend the roof panels to the appropriate curve.

If I were doing the project over, I would not use magnets and I would use a simple, straight roof. The project file has been re-worked and provides options for using magnets or holes.

The birdhouse mounts with a 1/2″ galvanized radiator flange. You don’t need the large center circle cut out of the birdhouse. I did so thinking the pipe might screw past flush and that it might touch the back of the birdhouse. It did not.

*Glowforge Settings*

I used proofgrade settings for 1/8″ acrylic (medium).

*Products Used (Affiliate Links Below)*

Weld-On Acrylic Cement (and Bottle/Needle): https://amzn.to/2IvjJVK

5-Minute Epoxy: https://amzn.to/2N31Ul6

*Products Used*

1/8 Acrylic

Neodymium Magnets from The Home Depot (.375 in. OD x .125 in. ID x .06 in. Thk)

Neodymium Magnets from The Home Depot (.472 in. ID x .118 in. Thk)

Knurled Head Screw from The Home Depot (#10-32 x 1/2″)

Knurled Nuts from The Home Depot (#10-32)

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